Meet the LifePACT Team

The LifePACT critical care teams work autonomously to perform advanced medical procedures and pharmacology-based decisions, with protocols developed by and under the supervision of our medical directors.

Paramedics and nurses complete an extensive and comprehensive orientation program that includes supervised transports, medical equipment competencies, and both didactic and simulation training. 

EMTs complete a comprehensive program that includes supervised transports, equipment competencies and Emergency Vehicle Operations Certification.


Adult Medical Director, LifePACT Transport Team

Kenneth Williams, MD graduated from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and completed his residency at the University of Pittsburgh in 1987. His primary interests are EMS and informatics.

Dr. Williams has published a variety of articles and textbook chapters and is active in several organizations, serving as president of Rhode Island ACEP, president of the Air Medical Physician Association, physician medical consultant to the Rhode Island Department of Health EMS Division, and RI-I DMAT senior medical officer and USCG liaison. He is principal investigator of the Rhode Island Disaster Initiative, a multi-year EMS disaster care research project.

Pediatric Medical Director, LifePACT Pediatric Transport Team, and Pediatric Intensivist, Pediatric Critical Care

Ranna A. Rozenfeld, MD, is a pediatrician who specializes in critical care medicine. After spending the last 20 years practicing in Chicago and teaching at Northwestern University, Dr. Rozenfeld joined Hasbro Children’s Hospital as a pediatric intensivist and as medical director for pediatric transport with LifePACT. Her work has been published in many peer-reviewed journals, books, and original investigations.

Dr. Rozenfeld is a professor of pediatrics at Brown University. Her research interests include respiratory management, sepsis, shock and transport medicine. She is a notable contributor to the field of pediatrics, having held many leadership positions in Chicago. 

Dr. Rozenfeld was awarded the 2017 Excellence in Transport Leadership Award by the Association of Air Medical Services. She is a member of the Society for Pediatric Research, the Society of Critical Care Medicine and the Air Medical Physician Association.

Patricia Carreiro, BSN, RN
Clinical Manager
Nelson Pedro, NREMTP
Operations Manager
Kerri-Lynn Sobel, BA