Emotionally Preparing Your Child for Surgery

Be Honest With Your Child

The most important thing you can do to emotionally prepare your child for surgery is to be honest when you talk about the hospital experience. For example, preoperative blood tests hurt, so don't tell a child that a needle is" painless" or "feels like a tiny mosquito bite." We have found that kids who know what to expect are less fearful and have a far better experience than other children.

Parents are an Important Part of Our Team

The operating room staff appreciates the important role you play in the care of your child. We have developed a program in which you may be able to stay with your child until he or she falls asleep. You will have an opportunity to discuss this further with an anesthesiologist at the POP program.

You will receive a phone call between 1 and 3 p.m. the day before your child's surgery to confirm your child's surgery. Please call 401-444-6887 if you do not hear from us.