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Newport Behavioral Health Series: Previous Presentation Topics

David Greenfield
Our most recent speaker was David Greenfield, PhD, MSCP, founder and medical director of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction, and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Innovations in Addiction Treatment: Epidemiology and Etiology of Internet Behaviors

This intermediate/advanced-level session, held November 18, 2019, explored issues associated with internet addiction and internet use disorder, and included a discussion of aspects of the internet and smartphone and how their unique characteristics promote mood-altering behaviors such as compulsive use and addictive patterns.
Presenter: David Greenfield, PhD, MSCP, founder and medical director of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction
More information: See the event program

Innovations in Addiction Treatment: Clinical and Holistic Approaches to Individual and Family Care

This symposium, held on September 9, 2019, featured experts sharing evidence-based knowledge for attendees to put into practice. They addressed the topics of addiction, parenting, ADHD, and a multi-generational, cross-cultural approach to trauma, resilience, and healing.
Presenters: Christopher Sauerwein, MBA, MSc, PgD, certified advanced PIT therapist; Constant Mouton, MD, FCPsychSA, certified ARISE interventionist; Judith Landau, MD, DPM, LMFT, CFLE, CIP, CAI, CRS; and Patricia Emsellem, MS, LADCI

2019 Symposium Presentations