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Family Therapy and Family Research

The Family Research Program at Rhode Island Hospital was established in 1996 and is dedicated to assessing and treating families, training family therapists and conducting research on families.

Mother and father spending family time with young son and daughter in living room

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The Family Research Program is located on the third floor of Rhode Island Hospital’s Potter building.

For more information, call 401-444-3534.

The Family Research Program in the department of psychiatry coordinates with the Family Training Programs at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and the University of Rhode Island Marriage and Family Therapy Program to provide evaluation, treatment, training and research.

The Family Therapy Program

Our clinic treats families of any size or constellation. The McMaster Approach to evaluating and treating families guides all work at the clinic. We consider couples to be families, and work with married couples, cohabitating couples, GLBT couples, elderly couples, as well as families with young or adult children.

All families participate in a comprehensive assessment which culminates in the therapy team presenting options to the family about how to proceed, and the family deciding what, if anything, to do next.  The clinic uses a team approach and coordinates care with other mental health providers in the Lifespan system.

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