Total Joint Replacement
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Safe Care for Patients at the Total Joint Center

We want to assure you that we are here for you. While the coronavirus has changed much of our daily lives, one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to providing you with the best, safest care possible. 

Here at the Total Joint Center, your safety is our top priority.

As experts in Comprehensive Joint Replacement Care, we also know completing a treatment plan is associated with the best outcomes for patients. That is why we worked closely with our infection prevention and infectious diseases teams to be able to provide the care you need in a safe environment. 

For your safety and that of our staff, we have taken the following steps: 

  • We have limited the number of people allowed into the facility at any one time. That number varies depending on the size of the facility. 
  • All patients will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to appointments. 
  • All patients will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms again when they enter the facility. To ensure that all are screened, we are reducing the number of entrances into a facility. 
  • If a patient screens positive for COVID-19, we have a designated plan in place to triage our patients. 
  • All patients and caregivers will wear cloth face coverings that cover the nose and mouth. If a patient arrives without a face covering, we will provide one. 
  • Waiting rooms will be rearranged so that there is at least six feet between individuals, and maximum numbers are identified for the waiting rooms at each of our facilities depending on the size of the room.  
  • We have removed any unnecessary objects from our offices, such as magazines, books, toys and small furniture. 
  • We clean and sanitize high-touch and common surfaces at a minimum of every four hours. 
  • Standard medical masks and hand sanitizer are readily available at all of our locations. 
  • Our staff will perform hand hygiene after handling paperwork, cash, credit cards, licenses, and insurance cards. We urge our patients to do the same. Our staff will also wipe down the stylus pads and signature pads after each use. 

Comprehensive safeguards for surgical care.

Our surgical, infectious diseases and infection prevention teams developed a plan specifically designed to ensure that patients will be cared for in the safest, COVID-19-free settings. Learn about our safety measures for surgeries and procedures »

We are ready to care for you.

As we all strive to get back to our “normal” lives, we encourage you to return to scheduling appointments. In this challenging time, the team at the Total Joint Center is here to help you. All are open and ready to provide care for you.

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