Total Joint Replacement
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Are You a Candidate for Short Stay Joint Replacement? 

The Risk Assessment and Prediction Tool (RAPT) can help determine if you are a candidate for an short stay (outpatient) joint replacement procedure.

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What to Expect After Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement has been traditionally considered an inpatient surgical procedure that requires several days of hospitalization. However, over the past decade we have been able to use less invasive surgical techniques, improve post-surgical protocols, and leverage different anesthesia options.

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The assessment uses age, gender, functional abilities, and social support to identify patients who could require a shorter hospital stay and those who would benefit from a more traditional length hospital stay of 2 days on average.

Using the assessment prior to surgery can help you better prepare for your return home and know what to expect during your recovery. If you are having joint replacement at a center of excellence, like the Miriam Hospital Total Joint Center, this may be used during the pre-operative orientation.

The tool is scored on a 12-point scale. A score of 10 or more means you are a candidate for rapid recovery.  

The RAPT has been shown to consistently and accurately predict discharge requirements in recent orthopedic research.

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