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Radlink GPS

Newport Hospital is the only hospital in Rhode Island that uses innovative Radlink GPS technology to provide noninvasive, instant feedback during total hip or knee replacement. The technology helps reduce time in the operating room, shortens your stay in the hospital, and speeds your recovery.

What is Radlink GPS?

Radlink GPS is an imaging software and hardware system used to plan and execute total joint replacements, such as hip arthroplasty and total knee arthroplasty. The technology creates an image of your unique anatomy both before and during surgery, using X-rays of your specific joint, rather than a simulation.

Radlink GPS
Radlink GPS

How does Radlink GPS work?

Before your surgery, the image-based software is used to analyze your X-rays and apply mathematical algorithms to determine anatomical landmarks. This allows your surgeon to pre-plan your procedure and operate with pinpoint precision.

During your surgery, the tool uses real time GPS images to guide your surgeon in positioning your hip or knee implant with near-perfect accuracy. In effect, the post-operative X-rays that would previously have been taken in a recovery room are now taken and used during the procedure, creating precise intraoperative guidelines so your surgeon can make informed decisions and adjustments in real time.

What are the benefits of Radlink GPS?

The precision accuracy permitted by this intraoperative digital radiography system can shorten your time in the operating room and speed up recovery. It offers superior surgical outcomes, allowing you to get back to an active lifestyle sooner.

In addition, the improved accuracy of your implant placement drastically reduces the risk of dislocation and wear on the joint, resulting in increased longevity and excellent long-term prognoses—and many years of pain-free movement.

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