Preparing for Your Exam

Choose a scan below for specialized instructions.

Abdominal Ultrasound

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight, or if the test is scheduled in afternoon, for 6 hours before the test.

OB Ultrasound

Patients under 14 weeks pregnant will need to fill their bladder with 24 oz. of fluid, a full bladder is needed for this test.

Pediatric Ultrasound

Pediatric exam preparations are dependent on the age of the patient, the department or scheduling office will give you the prep when making the appointment. If you have any questions, please call the scheduling office or the department where you will be having the exam.

Pelvic/Bladder Ultrasound (Transvaginal and Transabdominal)

One hour before:

  • Women: Drink 24 oz. of water at least 1 hour before your appointment. You will need a full bladder for this test.
  • Men: Drink 24 oz. of water 1 hour before your appointment, you will need a full bladder for this test.

Transrectal Ultrasound of the Prostate

You will need to purchase a Fleet Enema kit and follow the instructions in the kit two hours prior to the exam. Contact your physician for any special instructions.

Other Scans

Many ultrasound exams do not require any special preparation, you will be told at the time of scheduling what your specific prep is or if you have one.  This information will also be listed in My Lifechart along with your appointment information (place, date and time).  If you have any questions on the preps please call the scheduling office or department where you will be having the exam.


Please leave any personal belongings (jewelry, glasses, etc.) at home when having an outpatient exam performed at any of our facilities to avoid misplacement.

How to Prepare for Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

Ultrasound Procedures Include

  • Radiofrequency Ablations
  • Biopsies (Breast, Liver, Renal, Thyroid, etc)
  • Aspirations (Breast, Lymphnodes, Thyroids, etc)
  • Drainages (Acites Abdominal fluid, other areas where large volumes of fluid have accumulated due to infection or disease)

Preparation for Procedures

  • All preparations for procedures are dependent on the type of procedure you are having.  This information will be communicated to you from the department performing the procedure or the physician that ordered the procedure. Some patients will also get a letter with specific instructions in addition to a phone call.
  • Some preps may include discontinuing specific medication a few hours or days before exam.
  • Some preps may include fasting before exam for a specific number of hours.
  • Some preps may include refraining from eating a specific type of food.
  • If you have X-Ray or other imaging from another facility (Non-Lifespan) you may be asked to bring the images and reports with you.
  • Some procedures will require the patient to have someone drive them home from the procedure

More Information

If you have any questions in regards to your specific prep, please call the department where you will be having your procedure.