Complaints and Conflicts

As a patient of the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center at Newport Hospital, you have the right, without recrimination, to voice complaints regarding the care you receive here and to have those complaints reviewed and, when possible, resolved. Your care and your future access to care will not be compromised if you make a complaint.

If appropriate, you or your authorized representative should discuss your complaint with your physician, nurse or other health care provider.

If your complaint is not resolved or if you or your authorized representative would like a written or oral response from the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center at Newport Hospital, please direct your complaint to the hospital's patient representative, 401-845-1305.

We will make every effort to respond to your complaint within five working days. If corrective action is needed, we will take such action as soon as possible. If applicable to your complaint, we will furnish you with a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers for state advocacy groups, the state licensure office, the state ombudsman program, the protection and advocacy network and the medical fraud control units. If your concern involves abuse, neglect, or loss or theft of your property, we will give you the information you need for filing a claim.

You, your authorized representative, your family or your physician may access the Newport Hospital Ethics Committee for help in resolving a conflict. For more information about our Ethics Committee, please call 401-845-1530.