Shared Medical Appointments

The shared medical appointment at the Women's Medicine Collaborative provides patients with more time with their physicians and other clinical team members. In this enhanced appointment, multiple patients meet with the provider as well as a medical assistant and group facilitator.  Along with receiving individualized attention, it is an opportunity for patients to help and support one another by sharing experiences.

Shared medical appointments offer many benefits to our patients, including:

  • Prompt access to care
  • More time with the health care team
  • More time for education and discussion
  • A more relaxed setting
  • The opportunity for patients to help and support one another by sharing experiences

Our current shared medical appointments include those focused on gestational diabetes, asthma management, fibromyalgia and cancer survivorship.

Appointments are covered by insurance.  Patients are responsible for co-pays.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a shared medical appointment, call Gwen at 401-793-7817.  

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