Spring is coming and COVID is retreating. At long last, we are turning the corner. Vaccination rates are high, prevalence is low, and we are making our way back to delivering health with care to you, our community.

It has been a long journey, especially for healthcare workers. As we are finally able to focus forward, it is time to regroup and think about how to support the healthcare team that has worked tirelessly to care for you, sometimes at the expense of their health and that of their loved ones. 

Across the country, in all industries, people have left the workforce in record numbers. Unfortunately, they have left healthcare, too, and we want them back!  I want to remind people that careers in healthcare are noble professions and the people who work in them are selfless. Whether a doctor or a nurse, a technician or a patient services representative, all roles matter in delivering health with care.

This is why we have asked our own amazing team members to tell their personal and compelling stories about what it is like to work at and grow a career here at Lifespan. In the coming weeks, we are giving our advertising to our dedicated employees so they can tell you what they need.  Through their eyes, you will see why healthcare is a rewarding profession with purpose, and why you should think about joining the Lifespan team.  We have reached back to many who have left us, inviting them to return. We have many on-the-job training programs that do not require degrees and certifications for careers, such as a certified nursing assistant or medical assistant, that offer a career path, plus tuition remission and loan forgiveness to anyone who is interested in advancing in their profession. We also have on-the-job training for many professions that are similar to those in the hospitality industry, like central transport, environmental and food services. 

We have invested tens of millions of dollars in what we call our “Total Rewards Strategy” – all the things that make Lifespan a great place to work. These things include the obvious, like competitive wages, great healthcare and a retirement plan that allows you to contemplate the sunset of your career with dignity. They also include family-friendly benefits, generous paid leave, and the ability to grow your career. We strive to reward and recognize the amazing feats and contributions of our team, because we believe those are the moments that matter most.

As I hear some of the stories of our team’s heroic accomplishments, I can’t help but invite you to join this amazing team. I am confident that there is a role here for you. As you see our campaign, done for employees, by employees, I know you will be motivated to check out the career and many training opportunities that we offer at lifespan.org\careers. I look forward to welcoming you to Lifespan, where our life’s work is delivering health with care. 

Come join us. You will be welcomed and valued at Lifespan.

Timothy J. Babineau, MD

Timothy J. Babineau, MD

Timothy J. Babineau, MD is president and CEO of Lifespan.