Mar 2 2019
Mar 2 2019: 6:00pm

Heroes Ball to Benefit Hasbro Children's Hospital

Pediatric Medicine

Join Lifespan employees, family, and friends for a special evening benefiting Hasbro Children's Hospital as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

When Hasbro Children’s Hospital opened its doors in 1994, it became a beacon of hope and healing for families throughout Rhode Island and southern New England. It shines ever brightly today, inspiring pride in the community and confidence in the tens of thousands of families who depend on it for exceptional care each year. Pediatric medicine is constantly evolving. The lifesaving impact of modern medicine  is seen every day, made possible in large measure by the support of caring donors like you. As the hospital celebrates its 25th anniversary, it does so with a renewed and intensified commitment to the physical, mental, and emotional health of the region’s children.

Proceeds from the Heroes Ball are used to establish and grow significant programs throughout Hasbro Children’s Hospital. By giving to the area of greatest need, your unrestricted support helps provide the high quality, family- and patient-centered care that patients deserve.


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