Oct 22 2020
Oct 22 2020: 8:15am–3:15pm

Pediatric Healthcare Summit

Children's Mental Health, Pediatric Medicine

Group of smiling childrenThis workshop will now be online! Register at the bottom of this page to join virtually.

Pediatric care is changing and improving all the time and it can be difficult for healthcare providers to stay on top of the newest practices, treatments, and approaches. Professionals are challenged to stay current in the innovations and advances that can lead to better outcomes and improve the quality of care for children, as well as the latest social challenges facing children. What’s more, it can be hard to find time to explore important issues such as medical ethics, office practice, medical home and well care.

This course provides clinicians with the latest updates and innovations in pediatric healthcare in order to improve patient care and outcomes. The course is formatted to engage learners through virtual lectures, opportunities for application and reflection, breakout sessions and to equip participants with the necessary tools to apply their findings in practice.


  • Antibiotic Use & Misuse
  • Genetic Testing
  • Social Media in Teens
  • Precision Medicine
  • And more

Target Audience

The content of this course is designed to meet the educational needs of: 

  • Primary Care and Specialty Physicians 
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers 
  • Allied Health Professionals 


  1. Upon completion of this course, participants will be better able to:
  2. Incorporate into practice recent updates in basic science and clinical advances in pediatrics
  3. Determine the bench-to-bedside applications of recent scientific advances in the clinical care of children.
  4. Assess the added value of new diagnostic and screening tests
  5. Navigate clinical conversations with patients and families about the health impact of legalization of marijuana
  6. Discuss the threat of current patterns of antibiotic resistance due to overuse and misuse
  7. Describe the impact (risks and benefits) of social media on the health of children and adolescents
  8. Review the common causes of SCD in athletes and present the controversy surrounding contemporary screening guidelines
  9. Understand the current AAP guidelines on management of bronchiolitis and review benefits and harms of new products
  10. Review current practice in diagnosis and treatment and discuss newer treatment in the pipeline


Tuition Fee (all professionals): $75.00
Students/Trainees: $50.00

Online Conference Access

After registering online, conference attendees will receive an automated email confirming their successful registration. Prior to the start of the course, attendees will receive an additional email from cmedepartment@childrens.harvard.edu which will contain final instructions for accessing the virtual course. 

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