Lifespan and Brown University: Advancing Knowledge Through Education and Research

Timothy J. Babineau, MD, President and CEO, Lifespan

Imagine, if you will, a classroom in which every seat is occupied by one of the best students in the country—bright, fully engaged, and hungry to know more. Now also imagine that classroom being taught by teachers of the highest caliber. Teachers who thrive on being challenged even as they impart knowledge and the wisdom of their experience. If you transfer that classroom to a hospital setting, you get a sense of the academic partnership Lifespan has with Brown University’s Alpert Medical School. The school’s prominence in medical education, and Lifespan’s nationally recognized residencies and fellowships, bring the best and the brightest to Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children’s Hospital, the principal teaching hospital of Alpert Medical School; Miriam Hospital, a major teaching affiliate; and Bradley Hospital, our other teaching affiliate. These brilliant medical students and young physicians create a dynamic environment that draws specialists renowned in their field—men and women who are not only superb physicians but also want to pass their knowledge and experience on to the next generation. I know from experience that being on the faculty of Alpert Medical School deepens your knowledge, sharpens your skills, and results in exceptional care for patients.

But in addition to providing superb clinical care and training the next generation of medical providers, Lifespan’s tripartite mission also demands that we work hard to create new knowledge that advance cures and treatments across the spectrum of illness. Our research partnership with Alpert Medical School accelerates that part of our mission. Researchers from Lifespan and Alpert Medical School work together in areas as diverse as neuroscience, cancer, developmental disorders, diabetes and skeletal health. Our clinical research studies include tests of new medications, new devices and new diagnostic capabilities. These research studies attract investment by national and international companies as well as the federal government. Last year alone Lifespan brought in nearly $80 million dollars in research funding into the system and the state. Conducting research here, in Rhode Island, means that our patients have access to the very latest treatments and protocols. For some of those patients, it may mean a better life; for others, that new treatment may mean a longer life.

Ultimately, our partnership with the Alpert Medical School benefits everyone—our patients, Lifespan, Brown University, and the state. As we look to the future, Lifespan remains more committed than ever to fostering this partnership and leveraging its capabilities to advance the health care we provide to the citizens of the state and the region.

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