Winter is arriving along with a spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations nationwide, meaning much of this season will be spent indoors with those we live with. We've compiled a collection of ways to stay physically and mentally healthy during these coldest months.

Basics of Virtual Exercise

Looking to stay in shape? With many gyms closed or under COVID-19 restrictions, many people are exploring virtual options from home to keep active. A Lifespan exercise physiologist helps you consider your options, including apps, videos, and monthly subscriptions. 

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Relax. Your Mind and Body Will Thank You.

Did you know that constant stress can increase your risk of conditions like chronic pain, sleep disturbance, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure? We examine the toll that stress can take on our bodies and minds, and share some techniques to reduce it. 

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Avoid Emotional Eating During the Holidays

Even without all the large gatherings this year, the holidays are a time when food may be used as a tool to cope with emotions, a distraction from stressful situations, or a way to fight boredom. We provide some strategies to take care of yourself and avoid overindulging this holiday season.

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Five Ways to Stay Fit and Active This Winter

As children, we may have heard that bears hibernate in the winter, but do humans do the same? The winter chill, holiday season, and COVID-19 pandemic can all serve as barriers when it comes to sticking with your regular exercise routine. Here are five fun ways to stay active this winter.

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Embrace Hygge and Learn to Love Winter

When you ask someone to name their favorite season, few will say winter. But the Danish tradition of Hygge, built around embracing the season, finding comfort in coziness, and being present, may just change your mind. Here's how to find your inner Dane and make hygge part of your life. 

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Quarantine-Friendly Recipes

If you’ve cut back on your regular grocery shopping routine in the era of social distancing, you can still eat nutritious, appetizing meals without resorting to take out every night.

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