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LifespanLink Training Videos

You will need to log in to view videos about how to use the LifespanLink system. To access the LifespanLink training videos, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to the training video site. 
  2. Enter your User ID. This is your LifespanLink ID that was provided to you by your practice manager/administrator. 
  3. Enter your security code. This is the code that is generated by the Symantec VIP that you installed in "Let’s get started" section to the left on this page. Please note this code changes every 30 seconds. You will need to enter the code and select "Login" before the code expires.

Once you have successfully logged in, you can select from any of the training videos for review.

Watch a video about how to access these LifespanLink training resources.

Need assistance? Please email or call 401-606-5465.

Welcome to the LifespanLink setup and usage instruction page. 

Here we will walk you through:

  • Setting up your phone or computer for using the multi-factor authentication that will be used to access LifespanLink.
  • Accessing instructional videos that demonstrate the one-time setup and subsequent use of LifespanLink.

Before you can follow these steps, your practice manager/administrator has to have completed all required paperwork requesting access for you or your group. If this has not been performed, please email and request information about LifespanLink access. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Install the app

You will need to install the Symantec VIP multi-factor authentication app for your phone or computer. Please click one of the following for video instructions on downloading and installing the appropriate app:

Your practice manager/administrator will provide you with your LifespanLink log-on ID and password.

2. Register your LifespanLink ID

You will receive an email from "" with the subject, "Register Your LifespanLink Symantec VIP Credential." Click on the link provided in the email. Watch an instructional video about registering your Symantec VIP credential ID. (This is a one-time process and would only need to be repeated if you lose your phone, replace your computer, or need to re-install the app. Send an email and we will send you another email where you can register your new device.)

If you have not received this email, please check your junk mail/spam folder.

3. Log into the LifespanLink site

Once you have your logon ID and password, go to and log into the LifespanLink site.

When logging into LifespanLink, you will put in your log-on ID and password. If you have registered the Symantec VIP multi-factor app as described above, you will get a prompt on your phone to "Allow" the connection or you may be required to input the security code.

4. Change Your Password

On your first log-in, you will be required to change your password. Since we are using multi-factor authentication, your password will be good for 1 year and will not be required to be changed. If you forget your password, contact your practice manager/administrator and they will be able to reset your password for you.

After you have changed your password the first time, you will be presented with a terms and conditions page. You will need to agree to these terms and conditions to access LifespanLink.

5. Set Up Your Challenge Questions

Once you are in LifespanLink, you must set up your challenge questions so that you can change your password if you forget it. (You can still contact your practice manager/administrator to do this, but this way you can do it yourself.)

Utils IconTo setup your challenge questions, click on the "Utils" icon in the upper right corner of the LifespanLink screen.

Select "Challenge Questions" in the "User Settings" section (middle left of the screen).

Select and answer your challenge questions. 

You are now ready to use LifespanLink!

We hope you find these instructions helpful. If you have any problems, please email or call 401-606-5755. 

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