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COVID-19 Testing at Coastal Medical

COVID-19 Testing for Coastal Patients

Coastal Medical is committed to helping improve access to testing for COVID-19 for Coastal Medical patients.

For information about receiving testing and links to additional resources, please use the drop-downs below:
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COVID Testing

Coastal Medical Patients Only

  • Adult patients requesting COVID testing at Coastal Medical:  Please send a patient portal message to your office and schedule a Coastal365 Adult Respiratory Clinic visit.
  • Pediatric patients requesting COVID testing at Coastal Medical: Please send us a message through the patient portal or call your practice directly.
  • To self-schedule at a RIDOH testing location for both adult and pediatric patients: please visit

Current Booking/Result Times for Testing:

Coastal Medical Testing/Results Times
- Rapid test results received: Same day as test
- PCR test results received: 3-5 days

Note: Symptomatic patients (those with symptoms) will get swabbed twice during your appointment (Rapid test & PCR test). If the Rapid test results are negative the day of your appointment, the PCR test is used to confirm those results. Asymptomatic patients (those without symptoms) will get swabbed only using the rapid test unless specified by their primary care provider.


Receiving Your Results

What to expect

During this public health crisis, the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) may be in touch with you about your COVID-19 test results for contact tracing purposes.

Please Note:

  • The RIDOH may contact you with results before your primary care clinician receives them.
  • Many labs reach out to patients with results directly to ensure timely access to results.
  • Results can be accessed in different ways – please see below for details.

How to access your results

Coastal Medical locations:

You will be able to access results for testing completed at a Coastal Medical location once your results have been reviewed by your clinician. The results will be available on Coastal Medical’s patient portal.

Coastal’s testing sites currently utilize East Side Clinical Lab (ESCL).

Access the ESCL portal

RIDOH/National Guard Sites:

The fastest way to access results for testing performed through an RIDOH/National Guard location is by visiting  You can log in to this website with your name, date of birth, testing date and phone number. 

For issues accessing these test results, you can contact the RI Department of Health: 401-222-8022

Please Note: there may be a delay in these results being shared with your primary care clinician.

For additional COVID testing information, please go to COVID.RI.GOV/Testing