Loss Prevention

The LRS Loss Prevention Program is a collection of services that take a proactive approach to mitigating risk. Our focus is on the safety of the patient, and we will work with you to create a culture of risk awareness to reduce the likelihood of claims and lawsuits. We welcome the opportunity to provide real-time risk management guidance and support to you and your staff.

Risk-Focused CME Presentations

Educational programs addressing top areas of risk in health care, geared to specific malpractice threats found in each particular specialty area.

Office Practice Risk Consulting and Site Survey

Risk management services for office practices, ambulatory sites, and other high-risk service areas, including real-time answers to questions and issues, and self- and on-site safety surveys with follow-up feedback and recommendations.

The Physician Incentive Program

A collection of risk-focused activities intended to create a financial incentive for indemnified providers who choose to participate.

APOLLO Program

Confidential and compassionate peer support provided by Lifespan physicians to Lifespan-affiliated physicians involved in an adverse event, claim, or lawsuit.


Insights into Risk Management, a quarterly publication, provides our physicians and clinical staff with timely articles of interest and sound risk-focused tools to navigate everyday threats to safe practice in the workplace. Access our Insights archive here.

LRS Loss Prevention Guidelines

A selection of current tips and recommendations geared toward office practice-specific issues.

Please contact us at (401) 444-8273 for assistance should the need arise, or if you would like further information.