Lifespan acquires da Vinci Xi’s for The Miriam Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital

February 7, 2020

New additions will expand, enhance robotic-assisted, minimally invasive procedures 

To provide the most advanced care for its patients and recruit the most talented surgeons, Lifespan has expanded and enhanced its minimally invasive surgical programs by acquiring two da Vinci Xi’s – the latest generation surgical system for performing robot-assisted procedures.

In the hands of skilled and experienced surgeons, robotic surgical systems can perform procedures through tiny incisions and contribute to better outcomes for patients, including reduced pain and blood loss, quicker recovery, minimal scarring and fewer complications. The Xi offers additional capabilities that allow for robot-assisted surgeries for some of the most complicated cases.

One da Vinci Xi has been delivered to The Miriam Hospital, which was the first hospital in Rhode Island and Southeastern New England to acquire a da Vinci surgical system in 2006 and whose urologic program was ranked in the top 2 percent in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Surgeons with the hospital’s Minimally Invasive Urology Institute use a da Vinci robot for an array of routine and complex kidney, bladder and prostate operations. The addition of a second robot at The Miriam will allow the hospital and its surgeons to substantially increase the volume of robot-assisted cases for not only urologic procedures, but also for colorectal cases and general surgery. The Miriam’s new robot went into service on Jan. 13. 

A second da Vinci Xi was acquired for Rhode Island Hospital and went into service on Dec. 19. The unit, which replaces an older generation da Vinci, is used there for thoracic, gynecologic, pediatric urologic, and general surgery. Like the unit acquired at The Miriam, the one at Rhode Island Hospital includes dual surgeon consoles. These allow residents and fellows to gain experience in robot-assisted surgery while under the supervision of the attending surgeon performing the procedure. This strengthens the hospitals’ ability to cultivate talent and promote progress while enhancing one of the key missions of both institutions, which serve as teaching hospitals for the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

At both Lifespan hospitals, surgeons are performing robot-assisted procedures that are not offered anywhere else in the region. It’s expected that in the near future other procedures will be performed in Rhode Island for the first time using the Xi’s at the two Lifespan hospitals.

To celebrate the arrival of the new da Vinci Xi, The Miriam is holding a Meet the Robot Day on Friday, Feb. 7. A demonstration model of the Xi, with its iconic array of robotic arms, has been set up in the main lobby. Hospital staff and visitors will have an opportunity get a close look at the Xi and learn about its features and advantages. Some, including medical school students, are invited to take part in the Simulator Olympics – an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be at the surgeon console of the Xi during an operation.

During the Meet the Robot event, The Miriam is launching a Name the Robot contest. Everyone who comes to visit the da Vinci in the lobby is welcome to nominate a name. The winner will be announced soon and awarded a prize.

“The Miriam has long been a pioneer in Rhode Island when it comes to minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgical procedures and our urology program is ranked one of the best in the nation,” said Arthur J. Sampson, president of The Miriam Hospital. “Now our team of expert surgeons, who tackle some of the most complex surgical cases in the region, can take advantage of the newest generation da Vinci robot. Acquiring another da Vinci will practically double our capacity for robot-assisted operations and further enhance The Miriam’s reputation as a center of excellence for these procedures.”

Lifespan President and CEO Timothy J. Babineau, M.D., said, “At Lifespan and our affiliated hospitals, we relentlessly strive to maintain the excellent care we deliver our patients and continually aim for improvement. That requires wisely investing in new and vital technology and putting it in the hands of our highly regarded and talented team of surgeons, physicians and medical providers. Acquiring the Xi for both Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital will allow us to further advance our already cutting-edge surgical capabilities for a wide range of critical procedures.”

Urologic surgeon Dragan Golijanin, MD, co-director of the Minimally Invasive Urology Institute and director of genitourinary oncology, helped spearhead the initiative to acquire the new robot for The Miriam and performs some of the most complex robot-assisted kidney, prostate and bladder procedures in the region. 

“Acquiring the Xi means that my urologist colleagues and I are able to further expand our surgical capabilities.  Our Institute is by far the most experienced in the region, offering superior outcomes,” Golijanin said. “With the addition of the Xi, we are pleased to further expand our capacity and capabilities, offering additional types of robot-assisted surgeries to more men and women throughout New England.”

William Cioffi, M.D., surgeon-in-chief at The Rhode Island and Miriam hospitals, said, “Investing in such cutting edge technology as the da Vinci robot enhances the capabilities of our outstanding surgeons across many specialties so that our patients can receive the best care close to home.” 
The da Vinci series of surgical systems is manufactured by Intuitive, which co-hosted Meet the Robot Day. 

Richard Salit

Senior Public Relations Officer
The Miriam Hospital, Newport Hospital, Gateway Healthcare