New: Minimally Invasive Pediatric Urologic Surgeries

November 19, 2015

AguiarHasbro Children’s Hospital now offers the only pediatric urology program in Rhode Island performing laparoscopic and robotic surgery. An alternative to open surgery, these surgical options offer numerous advantages, including shorter hospital stays and reduced recovery time, as well as less scarring and pain.

These minimally invasive services will be offered by pediatric urologist Liza Aguiar, MD, who recently joined the hospital’s division of urology. Aguiar, who is also an assistant professor of surgery and pediatrics at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, treats newborns, children, adolescents and young adults affected by a wide range of genitourinary conditions. Aguiar also sees patients with urologic conditions in the hospital’s outpatient clinics.

“Robotic surgery is a growing field in pediatric urology, and one that is incredibly valuable to our young patients,” said Aguiar. “We are able to make precise surgical maneuvers by taking advantage of technology that increases surgical dexterity, improves magnification and utilizes three-dimensional imagery.”

Hasbro Children’s Hospital now offers laparoscopic and robotic surgery for several urological procedures, including:

  • partial and total nephrectomy
  • pyeloplasty for ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJ)
  • vesicoureteral reflux
  • duplicated systems

The division of urology at Hasbro Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive inpatient, outpatient and emergency urological services, from prenatal consultations through treatment of young adults. For more information, please click here.