Women's Medicine Collaborative Earns Facility Bone Densitometry Reaccreditation

October 15, 2015

First and only R.I. facility to be accredited by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry

bone_DensityThe Bone Health Program at the Women's Medicine Collaborative has been reaccredited for five years by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry. This distinction recognizes the facility’s quality and technical excellence in assessing skeletal health. The Women’s Medicine Collaborative first achieved accreditation in bone densitometry in May, 2012.

“Our goal is to provide our patients the best possible care with their distinctive needs in mind,” said Geetha Gopalakrishnan, MD, CCD, medical director of the Bone Health Program and an endocrinology specialist at the Women’s Medicine Collaborative. “Whether a scan is needed for routine screening or because of a medical condition or medication use, our highly skilled and trained technologists and physicians are knowledgeable in the operation of the bone density machine and interpretation of a patient’s test results. We are committed to providing exceptional care.”

Osteoporosis is the most common skeletal disorder. In the U.S., it is estimated that eight million women and two million men have osteoporosis, and another 34 million people are at risk. A bone density test, also called a DXA or DEXA scan, can determine risk for osteoporotic fractures using a small amount of radiation. Measurements are usually made at the lower spine and hip. No injections or medications are involved. The test takes about 15 minutes.

A DXA is recommended for:

  • Women age 65 or older
  • Men age 70 or older
  • Menopausal women with risk factors
  • Postmenopausal women under age 65 with risk factors
  • Men age 50-69 with risk factors
  • Anyone with a broken bone after age 50

Health care providers can help determine when a patient should have his or her first bone density test. Usually they are done every two years. However, in the case of certain medical conditions, a health care provider may recommend more frequent testing.

The Women’s Medicine Collaborative offers state-of-the-art imaging on a Hologic Discovery densitometer and has personnel specifically trained and certified in bone densitometry. Currently, it is the only facility in the state of Rhode Island that is accredited by The International Society for Clinical Densitometry. Testing services are provided for women and men age 18 years and older and can accommodate patients weighing up to 450 pounds or who arrive by wheelchair and/or stretcher. For more information, please call the Women’s Medicine Collaborative at 401-793-7022 or click here.

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