Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute

Hospital-Imaging Research and Education Service (HI-RES)

The hospital-imaging research and education service (HI-RES) was established in 2014 as a core service supporting the growth of imaging research and education among hospital-based staff.

HI-RES is a joint-venture with the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute (NPNI) and the departments of neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and diagnostic imaging at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. HI-RES serves both the Lifespan (Rhode Island, The Miriam, Hasbro Children’s, Bradley and Newport hospitals) and Care New England (Butler, Women and Infants, and Kent County hospitals) healthcare systems as well as the Providence VA Medical Center.

Our Mission

HI-RES has a dual mission:

  1. Research mission: To foster collaborative imaging research both in/within stakeholder departments and also to foster collaborative links to Brown University campus-based researchers
    This has the potential to include trainees interested in hands-on research projects as well as hospital-based faculty.
  2. Education mission: To bolster the interdisciplinary education of hospital-based trainees in the use of imaging, particularly neuroimaging, to advance the understanding of the biological basis of neurodevelopmental disorders
    This will include didactic sessions, journal clubs and hands-on sessions with trainees, including medical residents and PhD- trainees.


HI-RES has two image analysis and education centers, one at Rhode Island Hospital and the other at Butler Hospital. The Rhode Island Hospital site features advanced computing for image analysis, an image processing server, conference room and three offices. The Butler Hospital site consists of two room that house eight computers equipped for image analysis. HI-RES also utilizes Brown University’s high performance computing center (HPC).

To learn more or contact HI-RES, call 401-432-1616.