Report All Laboratory Spills

All spill incidents should be documented and reported.

Chemical Spill Incident Report Forms:

Emergency Response to Laboratory Spills

Know the location of spill kits before an incident occurs.

If spills can not be controlled/cleaned up safely by using a spill kit:

  1. Evacuate Room. Remove contaminated clothing ASAP. Take shower.
  2. Get medical attention for injured personnel.

    Employee Health 7:30 am - 4:30 p.m.; Emergency Room after hours.
    Medical emergencies: call 3-5111 (Code Blue)

  3. Call Security for uncontrolled spills: 401-444-5111 or 401-793-5111.
  4. Post warning sign.

Instructions for Specific Spill Types


  1. Extinguish open flame. Leave hood/room exhaust on, ventilate area. For large spills, call 3-5111 and follow instructions of Response Team. For small spills follow instructions on spill kit. Only after Safety Officer confirms or authorizes area is safe, ask Environmental Services Department to wash spill area.
  2. All exposed personnel should be check by Employee Health.


  1. Allow aerosols to settle 30 minutes. Put on protective clothing and assemble clean-up material. Pick up broken glass with forceps. Pour concentrated disinfectant around spill-let sit 15 minutes. Dispose of all contaminated material in autoclave container and autoclave, or use liquid disinfectant. Phone 3-5060 for assistance or call 3-5111.
  2. For any exposure to blood and/or body fluid, contact Employee Health at 3-3125 from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM or page the Nursing Supervisor on call.


  1. Call Radiation Protection Officer at 4-5961 or 4-5611 (after hours). Cover spill area with absorbent.Mark area of spill as contaminated. Start decontamination procedures only under qualified supervision. Remove contaminated clothing. Go to uncontaminated control area; wash with mild soap and water by rubbing gently for 3 minutes.
  2. Stay in control area until everyone has been surveyed for possible contamination.