Central Research Facilities at Lifespan

Contact Information

Director: Paula Bains-Vallee
Phone: 401-444-7892 (cell: 484-4168)
Fax: 401-444-4195
Rhode Island Hospital, Aldrich Building, 510

Staff contacts:

  • Rhode Island Hospital: 401-444-8146
  • Coro: 401-793-8761
  • Claverick: 401-444-6842

For more information, please call
401-444-5788, or send correspondence to Rhode Island Hospital, Aldrich 510.

Central Research Facilities (CRF) is a division under the Office of Research Administration. CRF supports all needs of the research community doing basic science and animal research.

Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are closed on all major holidays.


Lifespan CRF/CAF Staff

  • CRF Director: Paula Bains-Vallee
  • CRF Secretary: Maria Papp
  • CRF Manager (OR, Safety, Technology and Business Operations): Ashley Hemendinger
  • CRF Manager (Facility Operations and Staffing): Roland Lariviere
  • CRF Veterinary Services Supervisor (Coro/Claverick): Penny Cloutier-Lyons
  • CRF Veterinary Services Coordinators: Jim Clarke, Maria Veliz, Cindy Phun
  • Attending Veterinarian: Tiffany Borjeson, DVM, DACLAM
  • Staff Veterinarian: Jessica Johnston, DVM

Central Research Facilities Operations

Rhode Island Hospital Main Campus

The Central Research Facilities of the main campus comprises several buildings: Aldrich, Middle House, Nursing Arts, George/Meehan and the Multiphasic. Items such as HVAC control, hazardous chemical waste pickup, radiation and sharps waste pickup fall to Rhode Island Hospital Facilities Department. Central research facilities addresses hood repair and certifications, deionized water systems, autoclave testing and repair and safety training and inspections.

If any lab has problems or concerns with any of the above items, they are requested to call Central Research Facilities at 401-444-5788 for assistance.

Off-Site Operations

The Central Research Facilities satellite locations include 55 Claverick Street, Coro East, and Coro West.

Due to these locations being off the main campus, normal items such as HVAC control, chemical waste management, hazardous, radiation and sharps waste pickup as well as hood repair and certifications, deionized water systems, autoclave repair and other items fall under the control of Property Management Department and Central Research Facilities.

If any lab has problems or concerns with any of the above items, they are requested to call Central Research Facilities at 401-444-5788 for assistance.

Central Animal Facilities

The Central Animal Facilities (CAF) are under the Central Research Facilities (CRF) and are the housing and procedural spaces for animal studies. Here, a community of hard-working individuals ensure that the animal subjects that are used on research projects are cared for in the most humane and ethical manner. These individuals are trained to handle the animals and to recognize any possible problems or issues that may arise.

If you are a principal investigator planning to use live, vertebrate animals for research, training or testing, you must adhere to requirements in the public health service (PHS) Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations. After Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) review and approval, you then need to go through orientation with Veterinary Services and order your animals through the CRF Main Office.

Operating Room and Veterinary Services

The CRF operating room is available for anyone who wishes to perform any non-rodent sterile or non sterile surgery. Anyone wishing to book the OR services must do so by calling the CRF OR supervisor.

The CRF Veterinary Technician Services and Animal Care Technician are available on a per-hour basis. These services include pre- and post-operative medications. Chronic studies requiring antibiotics, analgesics or technician time will be assessed on an individual basis and billed at cost plus 10%. To schedule any of these services, please contact the CAF/OR supervisors, veterinary technician or the CRF director.

There is an animal health program at no cost to researchers.

Central Animal Facilities Per Diem Charges 2017