Research News Research Media Guidelines


  • Researchers need to round effort percentages to the whole number on application budgets
  • Changes in Worker's Compensation Laws Regarding Temporary Help/Contract Workers
  • If you would like to have your badge re-coded for entry into the Coro West, please call Scott Larue at extension 45223.
  • Faxed time and efforts are no longer being accepted in ORA. Please mail them to: ORA, Coro West 1.300. 
  • Mileage Reimbursement Rate
  • NIH launches new website for new investigators 
    This new website describes current policies, helpful hints, resources and data related to the influx of new investigators. 
  • Questions on what to do with old equipment?
  • Sign up for eRA Commons
  • Register here for Datawatch training
  • Would you like to receive daily emails on potential funding opportunities customized to your own needs? This opportunity is offered from Info Ed under the Smarts/Genius section.
    • SMARTS is an automated daily alerts system that notifies investigators of relevant new programs that match their GENIUS profiles.
    • Please click on the Spin Plus Tutorial before setting up your GENIUS profile.
  • Grants.Gov also offers the same service to search for Federal government-wide grant opportunities and to receive notification of future grant opportunities.