We would like to thank you for making our training efforts a success. For 2008/2009 we are planning to hold information/education sessions twice a month. We welcome your participation at one of our new Training/Education sessions:

Members of the Lifespan research community responded favorably to the IRB training sessions that were held this past spring, but many people were not able to attend all of the sessions. Since it is often difficult for researchers to schedule time away from the office for training, the IRB office offers informational sessions on Tuesday mornings twice a month. These sessions are optional, and are offered as a service to the research community. The sessions will begin at 9AM in the Aldrich 5 conference room. Reservations are not required for these sessions. Please call Deb Temple at 444-5843 for current dates for these sessions. Be sure to tell Deb if you have a particular topic you would like to have presented.

Below are (7) individual IRB power point presentations for your review.

Please note: This room is accessible for conference calling for anyone unable to attend in person. Please contact us in advance for conference call assistance.

One-on-one training and/or assistance will be available immediately following each session by the ORA staff. COME AND ASK YOUR QUESTIONS. If you are unavailable to attend a session, but have questions, please contact either Patricia Houser, (401) 444-2099; Jacqui Poore 444-5843; Adrienne McParlin 444-3527; or Dawn Roux 444-7547 for assistance.

IRB General Information and Processes

Form Specific Training Slides