Marilyn Boichat

Marilyn Boichat, RN

Vice President of Clinical and Practice Operations, Coastal Medical

Marilyn Boichat, RN guides Coastal Medical’s practice and clinical operations and has been integral to its transformation. Her responsibilities include overseeing the operations of all Coastal practices, the Musculoskeletal Health Program, Coastal Laboratories, and Coastal365.

Boichat's expertise in practice transformation has led to the implementation of many successful workflow changes in the clinical offices, allowing Coastal to provide the highest level of customer service to patients. She spearheaded a companywide practice redesign initiative and opened the centralized call center, enhancing patient access and satisfaction, as well as improving practice workflows.

Boichat received her nursing degree and went on to study health services administration at Providence College. She is a member of the Nursing Advisory Board at the Community College of Rhode Island.

Boichat has been a registered nurse for more than 30 years, working in primary care and community health. She has been leading operations in practice management for more than 20 years.