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  • Quality Care at Hasbro Children's Hospital

  • Standardized Mortality Rate of Inpatient Pediatric Intensive Care Patients (age 0 to 17 years)

  • Why Is This Measure Important?

    Standardized Mortality Ratio is calculated as the severity of illness adjusted number of deaths compared to the number of admissions to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) as a ratio. The severity adjustment factors the types of diagnoses, surgeries, traumatic injuries, and complex treatments experienced in this PICU compared to other PICUs using a complex statistical calculation for severity adjustment known as PIM2. When rates are severity-adjusted, it means that hospitals that usually treat sicker patients will not show a higher rate because their patients were more severe when they arrived. When rates are severity-adjusted, it helps make the comparison more meaningful.

    What the Scores Mean

    A lower rate is good because it means more patients survived illness or injury treated in this PICU relative to other PICUs in consideration of the severity of illness of patients presenting for treatment. However, a higher score does not necessarily indicate poor care. You should consider the overall quality of a facility in addition to individual category scores.

    Standardized Mortality Ratio 

    • Hasbro Children's Hospital: 0.86
    • National Average: 0.83