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  • Max All Star Kids Program

  • Max All Star Kids ProgramEvery child is a star on our team.

    The Max All Star Kids Program is a palliative care program for families with children who have chronic and/or life-threatening medical conditions. The goals of palliative care are:

    • The relief of pain and distressful symptoms
    • The provision of services that enhance the comfort and quality of life for the child and family

    The Max Team consists of pediatric specialists, including:

    • Doctors, nurses, rehabilitation and child life specialists
    • Social workers, spiritual care advisors and peer parents for support
    • Community health care partners

    Our team provides a family-centered approach to care, linking hospital, community and home. We will work closely with the family's chosen health care providers to ensure coordination and continuity of care.

    At age 11 months, Max Schloss was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease. Max died one week before his second birthday.

    Max's parents, Cynthia and David, promised their little boy that his life would have a lasting and positive legacy and that they would strive to help other families suffering in similar situations. From that promise came the Max Schloss Foundation, which has created the Max Schloss Endowed Fund at Hasbro Children's Hospital. The fund supports the Max All Star Kids Program.

    To help families care for their children, we:

    • Provide a palliative assessment, recommendations and services
    • Assist the family in decision making and care planning while addressing each child's and family's unique needs
    • Provide emotional and spiritual support
    • Initiate access to community resources and services

    This program is made possible by the Max Schloss Endowed Fund at Hasbro Children's Hospital through the generosity of the Max Schloss Foundation for Pediatric Genetic Disease. 

    You Make it Possible

    To make a donation to the Max All Star Kids Program, please contact the Hasbro Children's Hospital Foundation at 401-444-6410.

    For more information about the Max All Star Kids Program, please call 401-444-7591 or e-mail Nancy Bowering at The care coordinator will answer your questions about the program.

    Since it was established, the Max All Star Kids Program has been expanded  into a comprehensive palliative care program for children and teens at Hasbro Children's Hospital. Learn more about palliative care services at Hasbro Children's Hospital.