Daniella's Story

Daniella - Grateful Patient

A carefree summer day in their Cranston backyard quickly turned into a nightmare for Dan and his family. At a moment when he and his wife, Carolline, had their backs turned, their 8-year-old daughter, Daniella, fell while leapfrogging over putting-green flagpoles.

“There was blood everywhere,” Dan recalls.  “I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was very traumatic.”

They rushed Daniella to a nearby fire station, and then paramedics transported her to Hasbro Children’s. Because of the damage caused by the accident, Daniella immediately needed surgery and a temporary colostomy.

After a few months of living with a colostomy bag as she healed, the procedure was reversed, and she is now back to her active self as if nothing ever happened. She is able to enjoy all of her favorite activities again, including soccer, gymnastics, and basketball.

Daniella felt at ease the whole time she was at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, which was amazing considering that she had gone through a traumatic accident. As Rhode Islanders, we often see the hospital as something in the background of our state—you see it as you go down I-95—but until you need it, you have no idea how amazing the care is and how blessed we are to have it.” – Daniella’s dad Dan

“From start to finish, the care Daniella received was just amazing,” Dan says. “We have been very fortunate that her outcome was so good, and we firmly believe it was because of the doctors and nurses at Hasbro Children’s.”

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