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Life Stories

We see it all. Every day. But what never fails to inspire us are the varied and remarkable people whose lives we get to play a role in as we help them return to health.

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COVID-19 Information for Patients

Information for patients scheduled for an appointment or a procedure.

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Colorectal Cancer is Preventable, Treatable and Beatable

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

The best way to prevent the spread of colorectal cancer is with regular screening. You don’t need to experience symptoms to get screened for colon cancer. Early detection is the key to removing harmful polyps and preventing further complications.

Better Together, For a Healthier Rhode Island

Lifespan and Care New England have signed a definitive agreement to merge and create, with Brown University, the first integrated academic health system in the state.

Urgent Care - Rhode Island

Lifespan Urgent Care

The expert care you need when you can't wait.

When your child is suffering with an earache or you've sliced your finger instead of the onion on the cutting board, you need care quickly. Turn to Lifespan Urgent Care to get treatment with the expertise and compassion you expect from Rhode Island's leading health care provider.

Lifespan Telehealth

Visit your health care provider from the comfort of your own home.

With Lifespan Telehealth, patients are able to visit with their health care providers over the phone and by video.


4,457 COVID-19 Patients Discharged

March 5, 2021

Total COVID-19 patients discharged from Lifespan hospitals to date

Lifespan Locations

Over 1,620 hospitals and clinics throughout Rhode Island, here are some featured locations:

Lifespan Cancer Institute Brings Leading-Edge Treatment Throughout Rhode Island

The Lifespan Cancer Institute brings together specialists from Rhode Island, The Miriam and Newport hospitals to form a multidisciplinary team that provides the highest quality treatment for cancer patients in a comfortable setting, close to home.

Women Are Unique, So Are Their Health Needs

Women’s Medicine Collaborative is devoted to the health needs of women at all stages of life, ranging from primary care to obstetrics, gastrointestinal medicine and cancer treatment, taking a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Man playing with young child in living room

Lifespan Orthopedics Institute

Physicians of the Lifespan Orthopedics Institute provide diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, from simple fractures to microvascular surgery.


Ramona's Story

Could life really get better?

Plain, old boring life doesn't seem so plain or old or boring after you've survived what I did.

Lifespan Stories

Our patient stories define our health system.


It came out of nowhere and turned my life upside down. I'm so happy to have it right side up again. 


I don't call them disabilities. Just challenges. He enjoys every single thing in life. He has taught me so much. 


My original prognosis was not good. That was nine years ago. 

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