Refer a Patient

Refer a Patient

PCP One Call!: Support for Primary Care Physicians

Primary care physicians can now use PCP One Call! to get the help they need to connect to specialty care. Lifespan understands that most primary care physicians have well-established and successful channels of communication for referrals to specialists. However, they also have an additional resource. PCP One Call! is a service for practitioners with patients who requires the services of a Lifespan community or hospital-based specialist and who are having difficulty arranging appointments in a timely manner.

    Physician in Urgent care

    Physician Concierge Line

    Lifespan wants to help make your time with our shared patients easier. Lifespan concierges can help if you have concerns about your experience with our hospitals or programs.

    The concierge staff assists with any hospital campus, facilities, or service line issues you may have. 

    To learn more about physician concierge services, please contact Pamela Drapcho at 401-606-2255

    PCP One Call! is not intended to replace the office practice standards each practitioner has in place. It is a service of the Lifespan Health Connection for when a physician encounters problems connecting to specialty care services. Since 1994 the Lifespan Health Connection has been the primary free physician referral service and health information call center for the Lifespan health system, including Rhode Island and Hasbro Children's, The Miriam, Newport and Bradley hospitals and Gateway Healthcare.

    For more information, please contact Pamela Drapcho at 401-606-2255.

    Clinic Referrals

    Below is a partial list of clinic referral forms for physicians: