Patient Stories

Mia Ramirez
Mia Ramirez, breast cancer survivor.

We are proud of the caliber of care we offer at the Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic. Perhaps the best compliment we can receive is when patients share their inspiring stories with us.

Michelle, Breast Cancer Patient
“I wish I didn’t have my diagnosis, but it’s brought many blessings."

Mia Ramirez, Breast Cancer Survivor
“It’s been quite a journey.”

Sandra Bessacini, Breast Cancer Survivor
"Anything that distracts from what really matters, you deal with it and move on."

Margaret Economos, Breast Cancer Survivor
"I want women who are facing early stage breast cancer to know that they have options."

Melinda Knight, Breast Cancer Survivor
"Breast cancer is not the end of the world."

Linda Tulino, Breast Cancer Survivor
"It's all about your attitude."

Kim Deleo, Breast Cancer Survivor
"You are never alone on this journey."