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The Compass Program

The Compass Program at Lincoln House and Blackstone Adolescent Counseling Center

Lincoln House and Blackstone Adolescent Counseling Center (BACC) are now part of Compass, Bradley Hospital’s DBT-A Residential Program. The Compass Program is a short-term community-based residential treatment program serving adolescent girls struggling with serious emotional disorders and their families.

The Compass Program Referral Information

Referrals may be made by contacting Clinical Director Amanda Pelletier, LICSW, by phone at 401-752-9367 or by email at [email protected].

Referrals of patients from throughout the state are accepted.

The Compass Program follows a Dialectical Behavior Therapy-Adolescent (DBT-A) empirically validated treatment model. The treatment has demonstrated efficacy in treating a variety of challenging behaviors including self-harm as well as problems with mood and anxiety.

The residential program utilizes the DBT-A model to establish and maintain a safe, therapeutic residence and to reinforce the acquisition and generalization of skills in a safe environment. The therapeutic residence provides 24-hour supervision, daily care, treatment planning, discharge planning, clinical case management, and manages medical care and prescribed medication. The clinical team at each residence is led by an independently licensed clinician and includes registered nurses, masters-level clinicians and residential care counselors trained in DBT-A. Members of the clinical team lead a twice-weekly skills practice group, provide daily skills coaching, daily diary card review, teach daily life skills, coordinate education planning, supervise community and recreational activities, supervise parent/family visits, and transports youth as needed.

Along with the ongoing support and opportunities to practice DBT-A skills within the residential setting, residents receive DBT-A treatment within the Bradley Hospital Mindful Teen Program on the main campus of Bradley Hospital twice per week. This treatment includes weekly individual therapy sessions, family treatment if needed, and a weekly multifamily DBT-A skills group. A member of the Mindful Teen team is available to the youth and parent/adult mentor for 24/7 phone coaching, in addition to the support provided by the team at the residences.

Helpful information about The Compass Program:

  • Primary language is English. Interpreter services may be arranged when appropriate.
  • Referrals are accepted statewide.
  • Referrals can be made by contacting clinical director Amanda Pelletier, LICSW, at 401-752-9367 or via email at [email protected].