Emergency Services at Hasbro Children's Hospital

PECARN Prompt Bolus Study

Prompt Bolus Sepsis Fluid Study — Patients Ages 6 Months to 18 Years Treated In The Hasbro ED For Septic Shock

What Are the Goals?

Sepsis is a severe infection that requires emergency treatment with IV fluids and antibiotics. This study will determine which of two commonly used types of IV fluids is most effective to treat children with sepsis: Normal Saline or balanced fluids (lactated Ringer’s or Plasma-Lyte).

What Are the Study Procedures?

Patients with septic shock will be treated with one of two fluid types, both of which are part of standard care. As sepsis is an emergency, patients may be enrolled by “exception from informed consent” unless they opt-out, but will decide if their data can be used in the study. To "opt-out", contact us at 401-444-3813 or visit https://www.research.chop.edu/prompt-bolus.