Healing Arts at Lifespan
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Tape Art Murals on Request

The technique of making tape art is easily taught and can be quickly mastered by even the younger patients at Hasbro Children's Hospital. Working in groups with other patients and their families, children adorn their hospital rooms, hallways and windows with life-size silhouette figures and mural-like vignettes.

Healing art
Artist Michael Townsend has pioneered a technique using low-adhesive tape to create artwork on nearly any surface.

For patients who are bed-bound or disabled, the artist will draw a "mural on request" letting the child direct, with words and gestures, the creation of a personalized mural. The program is now being expanded to different departments at Rhode Island Hospital where artist Michael Townsend will work directly with patients and their families.

This engaging program was born in the wake of tragedy: Townsend was among a group of artists visiting Oklahoma City when the 1995 bombing took place, and they were asked to make drawings for injured children at a local hospital. With no time to prepare a program, the artists simply asked the children what they wanted to see on the walls of their rooms, taking direction from the children's imagination. The Murals on Request and Tape Art programs grew out of this experience and continue to draw magic from children's imaginations.