Lifespan Clinical Research Center

Lifespan Clinical Research Center: Our Mission

The Lifespan Clinical Research Center (LCRC) seeks to provide all Rhode Island residents with access to novel, cutting-edge medical treatments from birth through every phase of life and to support clinical investigators at Lifespan, Brown University, and the University of Rhode Island in conducting research on experimental, promising therapies and device development across medical specialties. 

Providing Critical Support to Researchers

Bharat Ramratnam, MD, medical director of the Lifespan Clinical Research Center, discusses the center’s role in helping investigators.

Lifespan Clinical Research Center Services

Biobanking and Specimen Processing

Located in the Lifespan Clinical Research Center (LCRC), the lab serves as a resource for sample processing and shipping to support a broad range of clinical trials. Our staff can assist with the development of specimen processing procedures for upcoming studies that might have unique needs. 

  • Any biospecimen collected under a Lifespan IRB-approved protocol is eligible for storage in the Lifespan CRC biobank
  • We support biospecimens that:
    • Require processing or have already been processed
    • Are in both long- and short-term storage with or without a release date
    • Are from the research community
  • Examples of specimens may include:
    • Plasma
    • Serum
    • Solid tissue
    • Whole blood
    • Peripheral blood cells or bone marrow
    • Saliva or buccal cells
    • Urine
    • Cerebral spinal fluid
    • Cord blood or its derivatives

Study Coordination and Nursing Services

We provide consisten access to highly skilled study coordinators and research nurses to perform research studies. The research nurses and study coordinators contribute valuable clinical insight that will help optimize the research design process, and improve enrollment and data outputs in research studies.

Regulatory Affairs, Finance, and Budget Management Services

Through our center, researchers have access to regulatory affairs, and finance and budget management services. Experts within LCRC team can assist with study development, data management, medical and technical writing, regulatory affairs (IRB and FDA submission and maintenance), contract and grant administration, and budget managment, among others.

Lifespan Clinical Research Center Facility

The Coro Center is a 270,000-square-foot building complex that is adjacent to the Rhode Island Hospital campus. It serves as home to the majority of research laboratories in the Lifespan system, and now houses the Clinical Research Center’s outpatient clinical research unit.

The unit includes three multi-purpose and adaptable examination rooms, all of which can be staged to suit a specific trial.  LCRC has two fully functioning labs to process and store research samples. One lab is located at Coro West, 1 Hoppin Street, and the second location is at the 101 Dudley Street multiphasic building. 

Our Service Costs

Our staff can provide the specific costs for various services on request. Whenever possible, we will provide steeply discounted services for residents, graduate students, and fellows within the Brown University research community. Direct costs for Clinical Research Center support should be reflected in budgets for new grant applications.

Coro Center West, 1 Hoppin St. Providence RI

Contact Us

For general questions about access to the center’s services and facilities, budget preparation and costs, and scheduling for initial meetings, please contact us:

Amy Palmisciano
Phone: 401-793-8788
Email: [email protected]


Tejashree Kulkarni
Phone: 401-793-8577
Email: [email protected]

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