Lifespan Home Medical

Durable Medical Equipment

Lifespan Home Medical can meet all your needs for assistive devices to ease or enable your activities of daily living. Insurance coverage for durable medical equipment varies; call your provider to inquire about your responsibility.

We supply:

Home medical equipment

  • Commodes and bathroom equipment (bariatric and standard)
  • Hospital beds, manual and electric
  • Bariatric beds (Medicare only)

Ambulatory aids

  • Canes and crutches (bariatric and standard)
  • Walkers and rollators (bariatric and standard)

Mobility aids

  • Wheelchairs, pediatric and adult (bariatric and standard)
  • Power wheelchairs and scooters
  • Patient lifts
  • Seat-lift chairs

Enteral products

  • Enteral pumps, formulas, supplies

Respiratory aids

  • Nebulizers (pediatric and adult, non-Medicare)
  • Oxygen concentrators, HomeFill systems, portable oxygen equipment, portable oxygen concentrators (non-Medicare)
  • CPAP and BiPAP equipment and supplies (non-Medicare)
  • Suction equipment and supplies
  • Tracheostomy supplies


  • Orthotics, rehab splints, braces, slings, air boots
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units
  • Urological products
  • Penile pumps (for erectile dysfunction)

All the durable medical equipment we stock is available for purchase in our showroom at 200 Corliss St., Providence. Among the retail items available are portable CPAP machines, the SoClean II CPAP cleaner and sanitizer, other CPAP supplies, and portable oxygen concentrators.

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