Our Facilities

The 4,200 square foot Lifespan Medical Simulation Center is housed on the first floor in the Coro Center located at the corner of Point Street and Hoppin Street in Providence RI. This location provides easy access to US Route 95 and downtown Providence and has ample parking in the attached eight-story parking garage. The center is comprised of offices, equipment rooms, storage areas, conference rooms, simulation arenas and control rooms. 

The facility's main simulation arena is more than 1,200 square feet. It was designed to be a flexible environment to accommodate multiple simultaneous simulations in emergency department, hospital ward or other critical care settings. In addition, there is a secondary simulation arena that is designed to serve as a perioperative or procedural simulation location.

Most aspects of actual treatment areas and equipment are reproduced to help participants suspend disbelief. Advanced resuscitation equipment, medications, medical gases, overhead lights and computer imaging display capabilities are some of the elements incorporated into the design of this simulation center.

The simulations are captured digitally and teams or individuals alternate viewing and participating in single or multiple patient scenarios. These are followed by a video-based debriefing to facilitate discussion, evaluate performance and highlight educational objectives. The center is also used as a soundstage where educational videos are staged and created. The Lifespan Medical Simulation Center's audiovisual system incorporates professional recording and editing capabilities to create educational materials for remote and off-line learning. Remote learning is possible by conventional teleconferencing or by state-of-the-art Internet-2 multicasting video (requires additional equipment at destination).

Real-life medical training simulationsThe center currently uses one Laerdal SimMan 3G and four Laerdal SimMan manikins, one Laerdal SimBaby manikin and one METI HPS manikin. These high fidelity manikins have fully computerized control and audiovisual interactive capability.

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