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Our experts at the Total Joint Center can help

A program of the Lifespan Orthopedics Institute, the Total Joint Center at The Miriam Hospital represents an unprecedented way to deliver total joint replacement for the hip, knee, and shoulder. The Center is the region’s highest volume joint replacement program with clinical and quality outcomes that rank among the best in the nation. Total hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacement are far from just surgeries at our center: All of our services focus on the patient experience from initial consultation through recovery.

Exercise. At Any Age.

The benefits of exercise can be enjoyed at any age. Exercise can be a helpful tool for managing joint health, like arthritis, and a powerful ally when it comes to combatting heart disease.

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Move Like You're Meant To

More than half of people over age 50 will experience some form of arthritis. But there are ways to keep active and stay healthy.

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Life Changing Experience for Local Veterinarian

Following surgery at the Total Joint Center, West Warwick veterinarian was back to work on schedule and free of pain.

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