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Frank Primiano is a retired engineering supervisor and native Rhode Islander who lives in Portsmouth with his wife. He worked at Newport Hospital for nine years in engineering, and previously with a local manufacturer on Aquidneck Island.

Frank had been a patient of retired surgeon Orest Zaklynsky, MD. When he needed surgery for a hernia this year, he turned to one of Newport Hospital’s three new general surgeons: Brad Gray, MD.

Frank Primiano
Frank Primiano was pleased with the personal care he received from general surgeon Brad Gray.

“Our care is very personalized—we really take care of patients one-on-one,” says Dr. Gray.

"I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and I would most definitely recommend him to anyone.”

That was certainly Frank’s experience.

“I knew I had a hernia, it was getting worse and worse, and I knew I had to do something about it. Dr. Zaklynsky had been my surgeon for a hernia I’d had before, but he’s retired now, and I thought, ‘Let me stay with the practice and see how it works out.’

“I was amazed—it was such an easy process, just in and out, and everything worked out great. Dr. Gray made the initial assessment, and helped me schedule the surgery. Dr. Gray was so nice, his staff was so nice, everyone was so professional. The LifeChart system also makes it easy, all your information is in there, your history, what’s going on currently—it’s really a great tool.

“I’ve been back a number of times for follow-up and everything was good. I saw Dr. Gray again a few months after the procedure, when I had a little concern. I got right in, he was there to reassure me, said it was perfectly normal. He sees me every time I go in, you never just see an assistant or anything. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and I would most definitely recommend him to anyone."

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