Medical Psychiatric Program
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions About the Inpatient Medical Psychiatric Program

How often does a doctor see my child?

The psychiatrist sees your child every day. If he or she is also under the care of a pediatrician, the child has a visit with them as well. Patients’ individual therapists, whether a psychologist or social worker, will meet with them several times a week.

When can I visit my child?

Please refer to the family guide for visiting hours.

Can I stay overnight with my child?

To maintain the therapeutic environment, staying overnight is not allowed.

Can I take my child home for visits?

Every young person’s treatment is individualized. Therapeutic passes are given for visits lasting a few hours, but not for overnight stays. 

What kind of food is provided?

Patients have an individual meal plan and nutritionists are involved in the planning. Your child is provided three meals and three snacks a day. The meals consist of a balanced diet of healthy foods, taking into account the tastes of a teenager.

Birthdays are celebrated with a cake. Bringing in food is not allowed.

Who supplies clothing and toiletries for my child?

Shampoo, lotion, soap, and deodorant are supplied by the hospital. However, you are responsible for bringing your child’s clothing from home. We suggest bringing enough for two to three days. Please refer to the family guide for specifics on what clothing is not allowed.

Do you offer spiritual care?

Yes, we do offer spiritual care. If patient requests, we arrange for a visit from a member of our multi-faith spiritual care team. Families may also have their personal clergy visit their child.

Will my child have schooling while in the hospital?

A certified teacher provides educational support during your child’s stay.

Can my child call me?

While they are not allowed to have their personal smartphones while in the hospital, there is a shared phone available so your child can make calls. Parents may call at any time.

Can my child bring in their own electronic devices?

Personal devices are not permitted unless a Chromebook is needed for schoolwork. We have a television, video games, access to a phone, and tablets for music. 

How do I contact the team?

We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like to reach a member of the team, you can call the main unit number at 401-444-6061 and ask to speak to any member. A message will be relayed to call you back, or you will be connected to a team member’s voicemail.