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Orthopedic Care and COVID-19

Safety is our top priority.

 We want to assure you that the we are here for you. While the coronavirus has changed much of our daily lives, one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to providing you with the best, safest care possible.

Please read these guidelines if you have an appointment scheduled at the clinic.

Orthopedic Care at Newport Hospital

The orthopedic surgeons at Newport Orthopedics in Rhode Island use state-of-the-art technology to provide diagnostic, medical, and surgical treatment for injuries and disorders of the joints and upper and lower limbs.

Ours is the only practice in Rhode Island to use unique Radlink imaging technology during joint replacement procedures, ensuring more accurate implant placement, less time in surgery, and faster recovery.

Our Total Joint Program quickly restores patients to their everyday lives by using the innovative enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol, which takes a holistic approach to preparing patients for surgery, supporting them during surgery, and expediting recovery after surgery. Our focus is on “prehab” as well as rehab, so that patients go into their knee or hip surgery better positioned for a fast recovery.

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Total Joint Program

The Total Joint Program takes a unique approach, using the innovative “enhanced recovery after surgery” (ERAS) protocol, a holistic strategy to better prepare you for surgery, support you during surgery, and expedite your recovery after surgery.

Sports Medicine Program

Whether you’re on a team or just leading an active lifestyle, our comprehensive sports medicine services can get you back to your personal peak performance and help you prevent future injury.

Leader in Joint Replacement

In 2017, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island named Newport Hospital a Blue Distinction Center for knee and hip replacement.

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Helping You Recover

Our patient-centered care team at Newport Orthopedics works closely with the award-winning Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center. 

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Research and Clinical Trials

Research is currently being conducted to learn more about musculoskeletal diseases and how they affect our patients.

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Meet Cynthia

Cynthia O’Malley has always traveled extensively—for business and for pleasure. So when she began to experience severe pain, interfering with her ability to walk, she knew she had to act.