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Permanent sterilization includes tubal ligation, tubal occlusion and vasectomy. In women, we commonly call this "having your tubes tied." These options are for women who do not want children. We offer sterilization for women including laparoscopic tubal ligation, post-partum tubal ligation and Essure tubal occlusion.

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  • A laparoscopic tubal ligation is done in the operating room under anesthesia. The tubes are blocked by bands placed through small incisions in your abdomen. This is typically a same-day surgery.
  • A postpartum tubal ligation is typically done the day after a regular delivery through an incision beneath the belly button. This is done under spinal anesthesia. Tubes can also be tied during a Cesarean section.
  • An Essure tubal occlusion is done in the operating room under anesthesia. It is done without incisions. A camera is placed through the cervical opening and each tube is blocked with a coil. This procedure requires follow-up three months later with an x-ray procedure to confirm that the tubes are blocked. Essure tubal occlusions are typically same-day surgeries. For more information, please visit www.essure.com.
  • We are happy to provide referrals to male partners who are interested in vasectomy. For more information please visit www.vasectomy.com.

If you think permanent sterilization might be right for you, please contact your provider to discuss the risks and benefits and review your medical history.