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New Obstetric Patients

We are currently accepting new obstetric patients. Our practice includes both midwives and physicians, who work together to provide the best possible care. All newly pregnant patients meet with one of our nurses who will review your medical history and provide important information to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

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For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at one of our locations.

We perform an ultrasound on all our patients at approximately 8 to 10 weeks to help establish your due date and to check on the health of the pregnancy. The first visit involves a full exam and review of available prenatal testing with one of our midwives, followed by regular visits with the practitioner of your choice. Women with high risk pregnancies are cared for by the physicians only (with a few exceptions). We have protocols in place to deliver care at the highest standard (see High-Risk Pregnancy Management).

We perform all of our deliveries at Women & Infants Hospital. We perform our surgeries at Women & Infants Hospital as well as at Rhode Island Hospital, where our patients are most often admitted to the new Women’s Medicine Inpatient Unit.

We offer gentle cesarean sections upon request. The purpose of a gentle cesarean section is to make the environment as peaceful as possible and to allow bonding between mom and baby to begin immediately. We do this by providing a quiet room, free from noise and conversations, and filled with the music of mom's choice. We dim the lights and encourage the dad or significant other to be in the room during the delivery. And most importantly, we encourage bonding right away through skin to skin contact and minimizing the time that mom and baby are separated after delivery.

We are happy to see newly pregnant women at one of our many locations.

Prior to your appointment, please complete our Patient Registration Form, Patient ConsentHealth History Form and Prenatal Screening Questionnaire. We ask that you bring these completed forms with you to your first appointment. Please also review our Privacy Notice.