Pediatric Surgical Services
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Surgery Cancellations

A Simple Cold May Not Cancel Surgery

A child who has symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing and even a dry cough may be safely anesthetized in nearly all cases. However, the final decision lies with the anesthesiologist, who will take into account the child's age, medical history, and the planned procedure.

If you have doubts, or symptoms change, please call 401-444-6030 and speak to one of our pediatric staff. Keep in mind that a child who is too sick to go to school is likely to benefit from a one to two week delay for an elective operation.

Follow Rules for the Night Before Surgery

It is imperative that your child follows the rules of preparation for the night before surgery. Not following these rules may result in the cancellation of a child's surgery.


If your child has been exposed to communicable diseases, such as chickenpox, please notify us. And, remember, we are always happy to answer any questions, so please call 401-444-6030.

We are always happy to answer any of your questions; call us at 401-444-6030.