Upper Gastrointestinal Multidisciplinary Clinic Patient Stories

Joseph Eastman
Joseph Eastman, stage four gastric cancer survivor.

We are proud of the caliber of care we offer at the Upper Gastrointestinal Multidisciplinary Clinic. Perhaps the best compliment we can receive is when patients share their inspiring stories with us.

Joseph Eastman, Stage Four Gastric Cancer Survivor
"You don't have to leave Rhode Island to receive cutting-edge medical care."

Bruce Jacobson, Biliary Duct Cancer Survivor
"They made what's really an unbearable situation into something you could get through."

Jack Bailey, Liver Cancer Survivor
"I checked around about Dr. Charpentier, and everyone said, ‘He’s wonderful,’” Mr. Bailey says. “He assured us, ‘Listen, I’m going to take good care of you,’ and he really, truly did.”