Lifespan Community Health Institute

Health Screenings and Adult Immunization Clinics

These screenings and adult immunization clinics service uninsured and low income people.

See, Test, Treat

A stethoscope and clipboard.  Lifespan Community Health Institute.

Uninsured women who are unable to afford or are ineligible for medical insurance, and underinsured women who are unable to pay for needed services, may forego breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment. Free breast and cervical cancer screening with same day results, educational materials and activities are provided to all participants. Anyone needing follow up is also treated for free. Additionally, free HIV and Hepatitis C testing and Tdap vaccinations may be offered.

This program is generously supported by the College of American Pathologists Foundation and the donated services of providers from Lifespan, Women & Infants Hospital, and staff from the Rhode Island Department of Health’s Women’s Cancer Screening Program.

Fiscal Year 2015 Numbers:

  • 45 people served
  • 89% of the beneficiaries were from core cities.


  • 37 women received cervical screenings
  • 44 women received clinical breast exams & mammograms
  • 25 women elected to have HIV and Hepatitis C tests
  • 19 women received TDap vaccinations

Skin Check

In collaboration with the Partnership to Reduce Cancer in RI and University Dermatology, the Lifespan Community Health Institute (LCHI) offers free melanoma screening and educational material to beachgoers.

Fiscal Year 2020 Numbers:

  • One event during the summer
  • 32 children and adults screened

Glucose Screening

LCHI provides free blood glucose checks to provide an awareness of the blood glucose level as well as material on lifestyle changes to maintain normal levels.

Fiscal Year 2020 Numbers:

  • Five testing/screening events were held
  • 103 individuals were screened

Blood pressure screening

Heart disease and stroke are leading causes of death. High/elevated blood pressure can create higher risk for both diseases. It is also known as the silent killer. LCHI provides free blood pressure checks as well as material on lifestyle changes to maintain normal levels.

Flu clinics

The CDC estimated there were 38,000 flu-related deaths nationwide in 2016-17.  A yearly vaccine is recommended to prevent contracting and spreading the flu virus. LCHI partners with the Rhode Island Department of Health to serve as a community immunizer, running free flu clinics for uninsured and low income adults.

Fiscal Year 2020 Numbers:

  • 43 clinics were offered
  • 875 people were vaccinated


In 2019-20 nearly 61% of all persons over six months of age in Rhode Island received an influenza vaccination, the highest rate in the country that year.