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Third-Party Events

A third–party event is a fundraising initiative organized, staged, and funded by a community group, club, company or individual(s) who wish to raise money on behalf of either Rhode Island Hospital or Hasbro Children’s Hospital. We always welcome new and innovative fundraising opportunities. Your fundraiser should align with the mission and image of our hospitals. If we have questions about your event or potential sponsors, we can discuss this with you after you complete our online form.

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Ways in which our staff can support your third-party event

  • Offer event planning expertise and advice
  • Acknowledge direct contributions to the respective hospital
  • Assist in the designation of the event proceeds
  • Provide a letter of support to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers
  • Provide limited existing support materials for your event such as brochures and newsletters
  • Promote the event when appropriate and based on fundraising goals as outlined in the fundraising agreement

Fundraising FAQs


How do I get approval?

Fill out the online fundraising application. Answer a few questions, and we’ll be in touch within a week.

Are there restrictions on fundraisers?

Your fundraiser should align with the mission and image of Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Events or activities will not be aligned with any alcohol, pharmaceutical, gambling, or tobacco organizations. If we have concerns about your event or potential sponsors, we can discuss this with you after you complete our online form.

When and where can I host a fundraiser?

You can host a fundraiser at any time of the year and anywhere in RI or the surrounding area.

What can I name my fundraiser?

Hasbro Children’s Hospital should be identified as the beneficiary of your fundraiser. A potential event name could be: "Walk for Kids benefiting Hasbro Children’s Hospital," but NOT “Hasbro Children’s Hospital Walk for Kids.”

Can I designate where my fundraising money goes in the hospital?

Yes. There is a list of the common programs and services that community fundraisers typically support. If you have another area of interest, we can discuss that option as well.


How do I plan a fundraiser?

Organization and support of others to help with the many tasks for your fundraiser are key elements. We suggest you set up a budget and fundraising goal. We can help with some guidance and support along the way.

Can someone from Hasbro Children’s Hospital attend and/or speak at my fundraiser or committee meetings?

Although we wish we could be at all events, our staff is only able to attend events on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee physicians, staff, or volunteers at your fundraiser.

Are there any guidelines around sponsorship and in-kind donations?

To avoid duplicate solicitations, we ask that you notify us before asking a business or company for a donation, cash or in-kind.

Can I have a raffle at my event?

Yes, but to legally conduct any gambling activity or “game of chance” in Rhode Island, you must follow all rules and complete all forms as outlined by the Charitable Gaming Unit of the Rhode Island State Police. For more information, visit the Charitable Gaming Unit website.

What about an auction?

Yes, you can host a silent or live auction. As a reminder, when advertising any items in a silent or live auction, you must display the fair market value. A donor will not be eligible for a tax receipt for any auction items considered “priceless.” Hasbro Children’s Hospital will only issue IRS-compliant tax receipts if the donor pays beyond the fair market value and if payment is made directly to Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Does Hasbro Children’s Hospital provide event insurance?

No, the organizers are responsible for obtaining any and all permits or insurance.


Will you help promote my fundraiser?

We can guide you and provide ideas on promotion to you. We cannot manage your fundraiser, or provide current donor/sponsor lists.

Can I use Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s name and logo?

Community fundraisers committed to raising a minimum of $5,000 can use the “benefiting Hasbro Children’s Hospital” logo. Whenever you use our logo or name, your final piece (flyer, etc.) needs to be approved by the development staff. For those fundraisers raising less than $5,000, you may list “Benefiting Hasbro Children’s Hospital” in type in all materials.

Can you post my event on the Hasbro Children’s Hospital social media pages?

For your event to be posted on our social media pages, the revenue goal must be at least $5,000.

Can I post about my fundraiser on social media?

Yes, it’s a great way to promote your fundraiser and spread the word!


Do I need to create a 501c3 (non-profit) organization to host a fundraiser for Hasbro Children’s Hospital?

No. Just contact the development office at 401-444-6411 or  [email protected]  and let us know your plans.

Should Hasbro Children’s Hospital issue tax receipts to my donors?

Yes. Hasbro Children’s Hospital will issue IRS-compliant tax receipts to the full extent of the law, but only if the donation is made payable directly to the hospital.

Can I pay myself back for expenses I’ve incurred?

You’re responsible for covering all expenses for your fundraiser and will not be reimbursed by Hasbro Children’s Hospital. If you are paying for expenses, please deduct these from the funds raised prior to sending your donation check. Your expenses shouldn’t exceed 40% of funds raised.

Where do I send proceeds?

All proceeds need to be made payable to Hasbro Children’s Hospital and mailed to us within 45 days of completing your fundraiser.

Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children’s Hospital
Development Office
Attn: TPE/Community Fundraisers
P.O. Box H
Providence, RI 02901

For more information please contact Tania Hurtado at 401-444-6411 or email  [email protected].

Host a fundraiser

For more information please contact Tania Hurtado, Corporate Relations Officer, at 401-444-6411 or email  [email protected].

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