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The Brite Lite employee recognition program was launched in 2002, and highlights five employees who have gone above and beyond their everyday duties to make the patients and families with whom they come into contact feel safe, important, and well cared for.

The 2019 Brite Lites winners

Saluting Our Brite Lites

Brite Lites are selected as those who best exemplify “the four Cs” at Hasbro Children’s Hospital: caring, communication, cooperation and competence.

Read their stories below.

Brite Lites 2019 Winners

Read the 2019 Hasbro Children's Hospital Brite Lites' stories, as written by patients and their families.

Cynthia Donnelly, RN

Cynthia Donnelly

"Cindy stands out even among an entire staff of amazing nurses & doctors. Our Sammi was extremely close to death. Cindy has an incredible gift of comforting the patients & parents in a situation like this.  She always did more than her job as Sam’s nurse. I truly believe that Cindy’s diligence made a difference in saving her life. She initiated a change in vent settings that marked a turning point for Sam towards recovery. Also, Cindy always took the time to wash and style Sammi’s hair, make her smile (once she woke up). There are so many examples of her kindness, and instinct medically that I could mention.  She is a “light” in the true sense of the word. Her kindness and compassion leaves a lasting impression."

Sarah Ferszt, LICSW

Sarah Ferszt, LCSW

"We met Sarah when Aidan was diagnosed with Crohn’s/Colitis in early 2016. Since meeting Sarah, she has always been a great listener, empathetic to our situation, and an amazing support system for our family.  We have attended her support groups which have always been informative and made us feel like part of a family.  Sarah has always listened to our needs and has expressed our opinions and concerns to the team.  My son was admitted to the hospital of February 15, 2019 and we realized he needed surgery to alleviate his symptoms from his colitis, Sarah was an integral part of his care. She was able to answer questions, but more importantly she was there for us on an emotional level. Sarah was concerned during my son’s surgery and called, for an update, when it took longer than expected, to check on us. Sarah also came to the recovery room to make sure we were okay.  She checked on us regularly during his recovery but what meant the most was when we had an issue with our discharge, Sarah who was supposed to leave, took the time to stay, call the team and advocate for my son. She is amazingly empathetic and great listener. Sarah should be awarded the Brite Lite because she is truly dedicated to the well-being of children and their families. Thank you."

James Ziegler, MD

"Compassion: Dr. Ziegler has the best bedside manner we have even seen in a doctor. He has always treated our entire family with utmost compassion and care. When he first had to tell us the news about our daughter’s heart condition, he was generally concerned for us taking the news and he sat with us as long as we needed him to, answering our questions.

Accountability: Dr. Ziegler and his office staff have always been great about calling us back when we had concerns about any issues, and he has always been great about teaching us the ins and outs of her condition and what to expect along the way through this whole 8 year heart journey.

Respect: Dr. Ziegler has always respected our entire family starting with Trinity, and also us her parents, our other children and my mother who has also attended visits with us.

Excellence: Dr. Ziegler brings a layer of excellence far above the rest. Usually the higher up the medical specialist, the more unattached they become to be able to help you through the situation, but Dr. Ziegler should teach all the other doctors about treating the whole patient and being attentive to their family. Dr. Ziegler has always been there to take the time to answer any questions, teach us any of the processes we need to learn and ease our fears about procedures and the like.

I could go on and on about Dr. Ziegler’s level of care for our daughter, Trinity, in the last 8 years since he first saw her but I can honestly say that all other doctors should shadow him for a day to see how great he is as a medical professional and a person and what people actually need in a doctor when receiving devastating news!!!. We absolutely love Dr. Ziegler and we are blessed to have him in our lives!"

Ari Vera

Ari Vera

"He goes above and beyond every time we are here.

Brandon has a lot of medical needs so we have a van with a ramp that goes down.

He always recognizes my car and finds a spot (parking can be very stressful with a medically fragile kid).

Last month we were discharged, and my car was in the Dudley garage and he went and got it for me!

He is always smiling, moving and working hard. He takes the stress out of our arrivals!"

Deborah Nordahl, BSN, RN, CPHON

Deborah Nordahl, BSN, RN, CPHON

"Compassion: Deb is your true definition of compassion. At times when my daughter was scared, she was there to give her reassurance and a hug!

Accountability: Deb was always on time, never made us wait. Always educating us and teaching us while doing what she had to do.

Respect: Deb always asked before doing anything. She respected my daughter, treated her with the most respect. Very comforting at times, kind and caring.

Excellence: Deb is EXCELLENT at what she does as a nurse. There is a certain type of person that can be a nurse never mind a pediatric nurse. 

She is the most kind, caring and compassionate nurse. She always spent time with us and my daughter. Always checked in not only to check on my daughter but us as parents. I’m happy with our stay at Hasbro and glad to have Deb as our nurse. She is truly the Brite Lite!"

Nemo, a K-9 Comfort Program Canine

Nemo the dog, Honorary 2019 Brite Lite

Honorary 2019 Brite Lite

"Compassion: Nemo showed he cared and wanted to help. He was there for me when I was stressed. Nemo let me pet him and would jump up on my bed to comfort me.

Accountability: Nemo was a great dogtor. He was the best at his job. He was a very, very comforting dog to be around.

Respect: Nemo was well trained and listened well. He didn’t jump on me, attack me with kisses, or destroy my stuff.

Excellence: Nemo was an excellent dogtor. He had great skills, like peek-a-boo. He is very smart and kind.

I missed my dog and animals are one of the only ways I can cope with stress and anxiety. Nemo helped me get through my stay here. He was very loving and adorable. I’m glad I was able to see him throughout my stay."

Brite Lites 2018 Winners

Read the 2018 Hasbro Children's Hospital Brite Lites' stories, as written by patients and their families.

Kimberly DeCastro, RN

Kimberly DeCastro, RN

"My son Brayden has to undergo Remicade treatments every eight weeks.

Kim has a great spirit, sense of humor and just overall ability to make things at ease to make these treatments as enjoyable and pleasant as they can be.

She has a great attitude and makes it seem much more like hanging out at a friend's for the afternoon, than being in a hospital getting a treatment.

She does a tremendous job."

Mohammed Faizan, MD

(translated from Spanish)
"I want to nominate Dr. Faizan for being an exemplary human being.

He shows my children a lot of love.

My daughter adores him. She says, 'he is my doctor' when she talks about him.

I feel a sense of tranquility knowing she feels well.

I can’t find the right words to describe what Dr. Faizan means to us in our lives and the support he has given us. He is an excellent doctor. I will be grateful all my life for everything he has done for my daughter. Thank you, Dr. Faizan."

Odessa Holt, MSW

Odessa Holt, MSW

"From entering the ICU until well after discharge, Odessa was our rock, our guidance, our strength and led us from day to day.

She went above and beyond for our daughter and supporting us and our family.

She offered support and guidance to help us through a most difficult few days.

Odessa knew what we needed, when and how to support us. We are so grateful to have worked with Odessa during this time."

Kristen Macrae, BSN, RN

Kristen Macrae, BSN, RN

"Kristen is a special kind of nurse. She has a tough exterior but is very soft and caring inside. She really cares about me and my son. What stood out to me was that she checked on me, along with my son. Kristen says I was having a hard time being in the hospital for so long. She took it upon herself to get me to go out with my husband to get away for a bit. Kristen respected me as a mother not only to my son but also my daughter. She was an advocate for me to allow my daughter to stay with me. The care and attention to detail Kristen had was exceptional. She took the time to understand all aspects of the situation and executed all her duties flawlessly. I am so grateful I had Kristen as my nurse. She really was a game changer in helping me get through my time there. She even took the time to rearrange my room and get a bed and toys for me and my daughter. Her doing that had a major impact on my mental stability which at that time was fracturing. She knew I needed that so I could keep it together for my family! I love all the nurses we had and really couldn’t have done this without them!"

Jennifer Pace, BSN, RN

 Jennifer Pace, BSN, RN

"AKA, “Jen McStuffins,” per Landon who loves the TV show Doc McStuffins. Jen Pace is an extraordinary nurse! Her family centered approach made us feel supported, heard and respected. She was able to interact well with my son in a way I noticed he trusted her with his “boo-boos.” Jen displayed a level of professionalism and knowledge that should be admired and recognized. I was able to witness her work well with other family and most importantly modeled team work and positivity with other staff on this unit. We had the pleasure of having her as our nurse twice during our stay and we couldn’t have been happier to see her. Jen thoroughly explained the day's plan, goals and medication schedule which as a parent made life easier. She is an asset to this hospital. Thank you for a great experience during a difficult time."

Brite Lites 2017 Winners

Read the 2017 Hasbro Children's Hospital Brite Lites' stories, as written by patients and their families.

Katie Greco, BSN, RN, CPN

Katie Greco, BSN, RN, CPN

"You were not even a member of his immediate care team and you were so detailed and made sure nothing was overlooked. On top of that I felt like you listened to my concerns while rotating. But most important out of all the people in the room you stayed behind to talk and explain and comfort me when I was having a tough moment. It was not overlooked and extremely appreciated. You could have just left with everyone else. You saw I was upset and came to comfort. It takes a special wonderful person to care and console others. Especially when Logan isn’t one of your patients. Thank you so much!"

Carissa Hill Devlin, PA

Carissa Hill Devlin, PA

"Carissa showed she was caring when I returned to the ER after being in the CDU and she came and visited me to see how I was doing. She also showed that she was caring when she tried to let me do a clean catch instead of a straight cath because I was very scared to have a catheter. She showed cooperation when she helped me with being able to visit the bathroom, and helping my mother become comfortable while staying overnight. Carissa was very good at communicating, she would reword a sentence however many times it took until I understood what was going on. She also called another hospital I was at, and my pediatrician to make sure that she had enough information about my case as possible. Carissa showed competence in every task she undertook, she would help me with everything I needed, and she was always up with my pain meds, even in the middle of the night. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Carissa fulfilled the 4 C’s while caring for me."

Donna Marasigan, BSN, RN, CCRN, CPN

Donna Marasigan, RN

"Throughout the night she did everything from helping us change diapers around tubes and wires, to singing to our son to comfort him, to searching the floor for extra blankets, pillows and swing for baby to make us all more comfortable.


During a time that was very scary, she was a face of knowledge, comfort and professionalism.


We cannot thank her enough for her help and support."

Lorene Booker-Jorge, RN

Lorene Booker-Jorge, RN

"Lori was the first nurse we interacted with in PICU. She was also the first nurse that we encountered who took the time to answer all of our questions and make sure we understood what was happening with our child.

She spoke to us in a way that made us feel 'normal' in the midst of a very stressful situation.

She comforted us during difficult treatments and celebrated small improvements. We are so thankful for the kindness that she showed our family!"